We have a huge crush on Meagan Alwood-Karcic.  She's instantly of whom we thought of when we wanted our logo designed (thank you!  we love it!).  We each personally own several of her paintings. And, have you seen her perform on stage?  Its mesmerizing to say the least.

The main reason for starting this "In The Studio..." blog series was to get inside the head of the creative process of each of these artists.  And it's amazing how much we draw from different parts of our lives, from others, from nature, and it's just as interesting to know what we tune out in order to create.  Below are some of the photos from our home studio visit in January mixed in with some of her paintings, all accompanied by Meagan's responses to some of our questions.  We hope you enjoy!

Meagan's work can be found for purchase at Society6 and is happy to take commissions.  Check out the Alwood Sisters band information and past album releases here.


Leo. Part of the Zodiac signs series.

Leo. Part of the Zodiac signs series.

1. When did you start making art?  Did you always do painting / drawing? Or are there any other forms of art that you dabble in?

I think all kids draw, but I started kind of creating characters in 2nd or 3rd grade. I kept a notebook hidden in my room with the characters. I would design clothes for them, and draw different scenarios for them. My mom made a pattern for one of the coats I designed, and actually made it into something I could wear! I started painting in high school, and did a little bit of clay sculpture, but drawing is what I really love. I always want to dabble in other forms of art. I can't get enough, and fall in love easily with different creative outlets. Although I am self taught (and not that great at it), I love composing music. I absolutely LOVE to sing, and find a great deal of satisfaction in collaging. In my work, for consistency's sake, I try to do more drawing and painting than anything else, though.

2. What are your ambitions for your work for the upcoming year?

I am always looking for ways to improve or expand. I don't think of things in terms of years, rather in terms of movements or moments. At times I am sedentary, and consider these times to be resting periods. That being said, I am trying to build a foundation that strongly supports a new movement or moment in my artistic life. More specifically, I am hoping to open new doors of opportunity for design and commission work. I have a strong desire to be a functioning and inspiring member of society, one who gives a positive contribution to their environment. In terms of that, I am learning what works and what doesn't. It's a hell of a bumpy ride!

Family portrait commission series.

Family portrait commission series.

3. Who / what is your current inspiration? Who / what has made you stop in your tracks lately and made you rethink things? (don’t hold back this doesn’t have to be about your art, it can be anything at all).

Can I say Life? Haha. Really though, life itself is a pretty damn good inspiration. It is endlessly complex and rich. It is pure, undefinable energy. Sometimes you meet people who can be described that way, but they are only a microscopic fracture of what Life actually is. Nature will always stop me in my tracks, and rethink things as well. I walk in the woods daily, regardless of weather. I can't describe in words the genuine awe and surprise I encounter. And the fact that sometimes I am terrified fascinates me. Nature is really really pretty, but sometimes, it wants to kill you.

megan alwood-karcic-1.jpg

4. What’s currently on your record player? 

I have to admit, I choose to spend a lot of time in silence. I'm not sure why, other than it takes a lot for me to be able to concentrate. I suppose, in a way, listening to music is something I want to give all my attention to. So, regularly listening to music, does not happen for me. I am learning about different types of music and art movements right now in school, and having to write about them. This is forcing me to not only seek out new music, but to listen more regularly. The last thing I listened to was 'Gymnopedie No. 1' composed by Erik Satie. Its a really beautiful, dissonant, sad piece of piano music. Interestingly enough, I think his compositions are considered to be background music.

Vintage Dolly Parton.

Vintage Dolly Parton.

5. Favorite daily routine  and/or  what would make up for a perfect day?

I really love coffee, so I love waking up just so I can drink coffee. I also really love walking. Especially anywhere that my dog can be off leash and freak out. I love watching that little doggie's tail wag. I love hug breaks, too. Sometimes, mid day, my husband and dog and I will all squish together for ten minutes for a nice love break. 

And as much as I embrace every season, a perfect day would definitely include balmy, dry weather. Windows open, my loved ones nearby, and all of us doing what we love. 

6. Any future aspirations and/or collaborations with others?

I am currently collaborating with another artist named Paul Giovis. We are passing art back and forth. We are trying to keep the images within an architectural realm, and eventually hoping to have enough pieces to make a show out of. 

As far as the future goes, I want to finish school, get more work, meet new people, and continue to grow/learn. I am hoping to do future collaborations with companies that work directly with artists. I really like the idea of interior spaces, and want to start working more with incorporating my work into interior spaces. In the past, I have experimented with printing my work onto plates, fabrics, tote bags, etc. I really like this idea, and would like to start to design textile and surface specific patterns and such.

A collaboration piece Meagan did with her sister, Amy.

A collaboration piece Meagan did with her sister, Amy.

from here to eternity 1.jpeg

7. Anything we haven’t covered yet you’d like to mention?

I am really grateful for the life that I get to live. I feel like thanking everyone around me everyday. I would like to encourage everyone to find out what it is that they love to do, and to try, against all odds, to do what they love as much as possible.