Last month we met up with Tina DeBroux from Under Aurora, as a way to kick off our "In the Studio of..." series.  She works out of her lovely home, which gets great light and has some great cool hues.  Below is a Q&A along with some of our favorite shots from our session. And if you haven't tried her line of products yet, please do so, I'm addicted to her jojoba infused facial oil.  Enjoy!


1. How did you get started with Under Aurora?

I had been involved in aromatherapy & natural body care for over fifteen years but had never taken that step to start my own line. About a year ago I developed four essential oil blends which became the artist, the poet, the rebel, and the dreamer botanical body spritzes. Each were named for different characteristic that I feel all creative people, particularly creative women, seem to embody. I began selling the botanical body spritzes, as well as the coconut oil spray, on Etsy. Last summer I was approached by a major retailer that was interested in carrying the line. Ultimately, I decided that they wouldn't be a good fit for Under Aurora, but that is definitely what started the ball rolling.

2. What are your ambitions for Under Aurora for the upcoming year?

My number one ambition is to continue to get the line into beautiful and unique stores across the country. I would also love to increase the number of direct sales through the website.


3. Who / what is your current inspiration? Who / what has made you stop in your tracks lately and made you rethink things? (don’t hold back this doesn’t have to be about your business only).

I'm currently re-reading a book that I bought a couple years back called “The Natural Kitchen – Your Guide to the Sustainable Food Revolution” by Deborah Eden Tull. Tull is a former Buddhist monk and she writes beautifully about concious consumption, nutrition, and mindfullness in the kitchen. She tries to live with zero waste and has been quite an inspiration for me. I try to be aware of my waste and to utilize everything to its fullest.



4. What record are you currently listening to?

“Carne Levare” by The American Jobs hasn't left my turntable for months. It's so stark and haunting, a perfect winter record. It was actually put out by Savage Quality Recordings which is the record label that I run with my husband.


5. Favorite daily routine and/or what would make up for a perfect day?

I love the stillness of the morning and the ritual of preparing myself for the day. I start every morning with a pot of tea. Lately, while I wait for the tea water to boil, I've been giving myself a “honey pat”. I spread a thin layer of raw local honey across my face and then use my fingers to tap my face, as if typing on a keyboard. Then just rinse it off with cold water. It's so invigorating and make my skin glow.


6. Any aspirations to add to your line of products? Any collaborations with others?

I've been thinking a lot about solid perfumes so I think that will be next down the pipeline. I had an idea of working with different artists/illustrators to do special labels for limited runs. But that's still in the “just an idea” phase. I'm always open to the idea of collaborations!


You can find her products at any of these stockists, listed here and at pop-up shops and fleas around the Midwest.