It's been busy over here at Illume HQ as we continue work on our 4th & 4th Fest photo booth backdrop. Come out to Seventh Son this Saturday and see some amazing bands brought to you by Revelator and get your picture taken in our lovely photo booth, which will be gearing up around 5pm! You can find more details here. We hope to see your smiling faces there!


Revelator is the brain child of Bobby Miller III and Adriana Mundy.  The fact that these two have joined forces on the music and festival front means there are some amazing things are about to go down for this city.  And we cannot be more excited to be collaborating with them on these events.

This weekend was Revelator's launch party at the Little Rock Bar, in Italian Village. We worked on this custom backdrop for the Aperture Photo Booth, and we are thrilled to be part of their next event - 4th & 4th fest, on July 5, at Seventh Son.  See you there!

PS. Silly and fun photos from the booth can be seen here.

revelator launch party


On a warm and sunny spring day, a few ladies got together with Kelley from Trillium Pies, and set forth to do a quick product launch shoot for this up-and-coming business.  Little did we know that we would embark on a path we least expected - a collective of creative, young professionals, aimed at highlighting what is amazing about this place we call home.  There's so much to be proud of here, and so much fun to be had making things together, why not pour our creative energy into a larger, nonstop, ever changing project?

We don't have a motto.  Nor do we believe in following the rules (I mean, c'mon, artists typically do better when there are no constraints).  But if we did have a motto, it might go something like this:  

We are a collective of creatives, committed to giving back to our community through beautifully crafted and meaningful collaborations. We aim to highlight small businesses through stylized shoots and backdrops.  We thrive to set the mood and offer visual atmospheres for community events.  We hope to gain strength from others, and work with artists in our community.  We aim to have fun, offer art and creativity as a mode of communication, and above all, make Columbus the best damn city in the Midwest.

Let's make it happen!